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The game was developped for MoJAM 2018 under the theme "Truth or Dare".  Brain or Brawl is a mobile oriented 4-Player Dungeon Crawler Mini-Game game set in a goofy medieval fantasy setting.


4 player local multiplayer

Genre: Dungeon Crawler/Mini-Game


Long ago there existed an artefact so powerful it could grant its owners any wish they desired. The relic belonged to King Arlington Keaton the Third and during his reign the Kingdom lived in peace and prosperity for decades.

When the King passed away, his brother decided he would take the crown and a conflict ensued. During the commotion, the artefact was stolen by the King’s counselor.

As soon as he left the city, the grail was stolen from him by the local cultist leader… then by brigands… then by pirates… and so on… The relic was eventually considered lost and became a myth.

But one day, the evil wizard Cnuikl'gnixz found the powerful artefact and took it for himself. With its strength at his command, he plans to fulfill his revenge against all the nobles who wouldn’t hire his services because they were never able to pronounce his name! (and also, spread darkness across the kingdom.)

When all hope seemed loss, 4 adventurers embarked on a quest to obtain the grail to fulfill their own personal desires. (but also to save the Kingdom from the evil wizard’s diabolical plan)

Morgan, a knight who wishes for the strength of the Gods to vanquish all of her enemies and earn a place in Valhallah.

Lysanthir, an elf bard who wants to be hear by all, but can’t make a living because his voice is a lethal weapon and wishes to sing like a Goddess.

Brorgrim, a misunderstood dwarf that fell in love with a dragon and wishes to appear as a dragon himself in the eyes of his beloved to live his fantasy.

Fidgrinelynn, an eternal romantic who wishes for her costume-loving one true love to finally notice her.


MoJam-2018-04 (1).zip 205 MB
BrainOrBrawl[WIN].zip 45 MB
BrainOrBrawl[MAC].zip 50 MB

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